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You shouldn't be liable for workplace accident costs

Most people go to work with a plan of making it home safely at the end of the shift. They don't usually plan on ending up at the doctor or in the emergency room. For some, this horrible situation becomes a reality when they are injured at work. This can start a snowball effect that impacts every aspect of their life.

Medics face special risks when they are on a shift

Paramedics face some serious risks while they are on the job. These come from a variety of factors, many of which can be prevented. It is imperative that all medics are trained to handle the daily stresses of the job. It is up to the company to ensure that these workers have the training they need to reduce the risks.

Day care workers need special safety protocol

Workers who deal with children all day long have some serious risks to consider. Not only are they at risk of suffering an injury, but there is also the chance that they will become ill because of the abundance of bodily fluid contact that is common in day cares. The employers of these individuals are responsible for making sure that these risks are all minimized, and that appropriate safety protocol is in place.

Know your rights to workers' compensation after a work injury

Workers who are injured should know that they have benefits available under the workers' compensation program. This is something that employers are required to have by law, and they have to cover the costs of the insurance as a standard business operating cost. The employees aren't responsible for paying for this. We know some employees are wary of having to seek out these benefits, but they actually provide a nice protection for you.

Work-related accidents can lead to workers' compensation claims

Workers who are injured on the job have specific rights that they should understand before they ever face an injury. Knowing that you have the right to workers' compensation if you are involved in a work-related accident or have a cumulative trauma injury that is attributed to the duties of your job is of the most important things for you to realize. This is because in addition to possible cash benefits, the workers' compensation program covers your medical bills from the work injury.

Court: Man can't get workers' comp from a second state

While New Jersey and Pennsylvania share many infrastructure projects, that doesn't mean that people who suffer injuries while working on them can seek workers' compensation from both states. That's what one man has learned after a recent ruling by a Pennsylvania court.

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