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Should you consider a personal injury settlement?

Personal injury lawsuits are handled in civil court, but not all of them go before a judge or jury. Some plaintiffs and defendants choose to work together to negotiate settlements that are mutually agreeable. There are many points that you need to think about if you are considering a settlement to resolve your claim.

Pedestrian struck not once but twice in fatal wreck

A pedestrian in New Jersey died after a tragic accident in which they were hit by two different cars. As of the latest reports, the police have not identified the pedestrian or even released basic information, such as the person's age or gender.

Report: Car hits grandmother with baby stroller

Five people are in the hospital after a serious accident in New Jersey. Though they all seem to have survived the crash and their exact conditions were not reported, it is clear from accounts of the accident that it was a very scary and potentially life-threatening situation.

Don't let distractions put you in the hospital

It doesn't seem like a big deal to look at your phone as you pull away from a green light. It feels natural to eat or drink in the car on the way home from work. When you look at your passenger while listening to them tell a story, you don't think you're putting your very life in danger.

Why do dogs act aggressively?

Pet dogs are so common in the United States that it's easy for us to forget that they are descended from wild animals, and they still have many of those same tendencies. They may lash out suddenly or seemingly without warning. It's important to know what signs to watch out for.

Armored truck spills money, people cause accidents chasing cash

Have you ever wished you could have a little more money during or after the expensive holiday season? If you saw that money just flying like swirling snow across the highway, would you stop your car and pick it up?

Your first car accident: Important tips

That first car accident always takes you by surprise, even if you've read the statistics and you know just how common accidents are. It can leave you reeling and panicked. You're not sure what to do. It feels like you're suddenly in over your head and you cannot believe it happened to you.

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