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Decision making powers are important for child custody cases

Child custody matters have to be handled carefully when you are going through a divorce. Every decision you make has a direct impact on your children and how they are reared. When you are working out the terms of the agreement, resist the temptation to think too far into the future. Instead, set the terms based on what your children need now and in the immediate future. We can help you to figure out what options you have so that you can decide what is best for the kids.

Child custody orders should include transition time guidelines

Children whose parents are divorcing have a rough time ahead of them. Not only are they worried about what is going to happen, but they also have to learn to live between two homes. This can be very difficult for them, especially when the homes have very different rules. You and your ex might be able to help quell the challenges here by adopting some of the same behavior guidelines.

Difficult exes can make divorce more challenging

The end of your marriage produces a variety of challenges. You have to be ready to address each one so that you can start to heal and move forward with your life. When it is time to file for divorce, you have to remember that this is what's in your best interests. Unfortunately, if your ex is a narcissist, they might try to flip the blame onto you instead of accepting their portion of the responsibility.

Understand the components of divorce

Parents who are going through a divorce have to try to balance the situation with the need to ensure their children are getting what they need to thrive. This is sometimes a struggle, but your attitude toward the divorce can help if you are looking at things in the right manner. We can help you to find out about the process and your options so you might feel more prepared and less stressed during the divorce.

Your goals should guide the divorce process

One of the first things that you want to do when starting the divorce process is to sit down and write out a list of your main goals. What is it that you hope to accomplish? What ends do you hope to reach? What are the main outcomes you want to see when the dust settles?

After divorce, you may need to learn to let things go

This may be some hard advice for some people to take, as we like to be in full control of our lives. We value that. It's especially true if we have children. Doing everything in our power to help them becomes the No. 1 goal.

How different factors impact divorce odds

Divorce statistics are a bit tricky to figure out since everything doesn't always line up perfectly. For instance, you could look at how many people got divorced in 2017 and how many got married in 2017 and compare the two. This tells you something, but most of those people are different people, so it doesn't really tell you the odds of divorce for the year. Plus, even if you track it out for years, people who get married and divorced numerous times push the average up and make it look like more people are breaking up than actually are.

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