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Consistency and teamwork can benefit a parenting relationship

Your children are going to be impacted by your divorce even if you are splitting up on fairly good terms. Everything that they've known about their home life is changing. They will have to learn how to live between two homes, which isn't impossible, but will take a period of adjustment.

Living arrangements are a divorce consideration

Family law cases are sensitive matters because they have to do with the people who are closest to you. When the issue that you are facing is that your marriage is ending, you have to think carefully about various aspects of your life. One of these is who is going to move out of the marital home. This isn't always an easy question to answer, but you must come up with a solution because living together during the divorce isn't a good idea.

Help your kids thrive when divorce is changing their lives

Children just trying to make it through their parents' divorces have to focus on adjusting to their new ways of life. This is challenging even in the best of circumstances. It is imperative that both parents take time to ensure the kids have what they need to thrive despite the major changes taking place.

Do you understand the intersection of divorce and bankruptcy?

One of the primary reasons for a marriage to end is the couple's financial struggles. These pose a serious problem because there is a chance that the difficulties with the money might lead to the need to file for bankruptcy. When both of these legal matters need to happen, the question becomes how to best handle them. Simultaneously pending divorces and bankruptcies present unique legal challenges for the litigants.

Vacation plans for the summer should be made now

Now that the warmer weather is here, you might be ready to start to make plans for the summer months. If you aren't together with your child's other parent, you need to think carefully about what plans you make for vacations and trips. You might have specific steps to take if you want to leave the state of New Jersey or even the immediate area. These steps should ideally be outlined in the child custody order.

Take steps to prepare for divorce mediation

Many divorces are resolved when both adults work as a team through the mediation process. Getting ready for the process can help you reduce the nervousness and stress you are probably going to feel. This also gives you a head's up about what you are going to have to split during the process.

Setting parenting time schedules can be complicated

Raising children is hard work, but it is more complex when the parents aren't married any longer. If you are in the position of needing to work out a child custody agreement, you need to make sure that you are truly thinking of your children's best interests as you go through the process. This might not always be easy because old feelings about your ex might cloud your decision-making process.

Think about every facet of the divorce to determine the terms

When you are going through a divorce, the practical matters that you are facing might be clouded by your emotions. This is a difficult spot to be placed in because you need to make sound decisions, but your thoughts might not make that easy. We know that you may have some questions about what is possible in your divorce. We can help you evaluate the situation and determine what you might be able to make work.

Why you may want to address pets in your prenup

Most engaged couples who put a prenuptial agreement in place do so to stipulate things like how financial issues will be handled in a divorce, how property will be divided and whether and how much spousal support will be paid. All of this can save time, money and stress if the marriage ends.

Spousal support isn't automatic in New Jersey

Many people going through divorce wonder how the process unfolds in New Jersey. The simple answer is that what happens in your divorce depends primarily on the individual circumstances. Some divorces have alimony as a component, but others won't.

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