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Netflix documentary exposes the danger of medical devices

A new documentary on Netflix, The Bleeding Edge, focuses on the lack of regulation in the medical device industry, and some of the disturbing injuries that result from such devices. According to The Guardian, the film features five medical devices that have caused issues for thousands of people.

Carbon monoxide detectors defective

Carbon monoxide poisoning is silent, odorless, and potentially deadly. There was a major event of this kind sickening a dozen people just last year in Flanders. A carbon monoxide detector is a valuable precaution in every home to warn you of this dangerous problem.

Recall says organic cheeses could be dangerous products

Finding organic food options has become important to many people here in New Jersey and across the country. In response to consumer demand, many companies are offering selections of produce, meats and cheeses that are certified organic, which can mislead consumers into believing that they are safer to eat. In many cases, this might be the case, but a family-owned organic cheese maker, Grassfields Cheese LLC, was recently forced to issue a recall of approximately 20,000 pounds of its products because they could be dangerous products.

Hoverboards labeled dangerous products in recent recall

Last year, a large number of hoverboards were sold here in the United States, including in New Jersey. Since that time, no less than 99 complaints have been made regarding these dangerous products. The controversy surrounds the lithium battery packs used to power the devices.

New Jersey consumers need to keep aware of dangerous products

Like many other consumers around the country, New Jersey residents are growing more particular about the food they eat for many reasons, including their health. Therefore, when dangerous products make their way into grocery stores, consumers need to know as quickly as possible. Good Seed Inc., which distributes soybean and mung bean sprouts, has been part of three recalls so far this year for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Kraft macaroni and cheese joins list of dangerous products

On March 17, Kraft Foods announced the recall of approximately 6.5 million boxes of its original macaroni and cheese product, which were distributed across the country -- most likely including many here in New Jersey. However, at last report, the Food and Drug Administration had not yet classified the recall. The FDA is responsible for assigning a consumer risk factor to dangerous products.

Products liability claims failed to reveal GM defect

By now, nearly everyone in New Jersey has heard that evidence suggests that General Motors was aware of the problem with the ignition switches in certain makes and models of its vehicles for years before the recall began. As it turns out, several products liability claims ended in settlements with strict confidentiality provisions. Other claims failed to bring the defect to light due to laws in many states regarding the recovery of certain damages.

New Jersey drug manufacturer recalls dangerous products

Pharmacy Creations is a compound pharmacy located here in New Jersey. Recently, the Federal Drug Administration published information regarding Pharmacy Creations' voluntary recall of four potentially dangerous products. So far, the company has not received any reports of illness or death related to this recall.

Spices can be dangerous products to New Jersey consumers

Many New Jersey consumers use spices to take ordinary meals and transform them into culinary experiences from around the world. Sadly, the spices used to do so can also be dangerous products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducted an extensive investigation into the safety of the spices consumed in the United States. In its report, issued in June of last year, it was discovered that over 80 percent of the spices used here in the United States are contaminated with Salmonella.

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