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April 2019 Archives

Medics face special risks when they are on a shift

Paramedics face some serious risks while they are on the job. These come from a variety of factors, many of which can be prevented. It is imperative that all medics are trained to handle the daily stresses of the job. It is up to the company to ensure that these workers have the training they need to reduce the risks.

Consistency and teamwork can benefit a parenting relationship

Your children are going to be impacted by your divorce even if you are splitting up on fairly good terms. Everything that they've known about their home life is changing. They will have to learn how to live between two homes, which isn't impossible, but will take a period of adjustment.

Living arrangements are a divorce consideration

Family law cases are sensitive matters because they have to do with the people who are closest to you. When the issue that you are facing is that your marriage is ending, you have to think carefully about various aspects of your life. One of these is who is going to move out of the marital home. This isn't always an easy question to answer, but you must come up with a solution because living together during the divorce isn't a good idea.

Getting full value from your injury claim

Being polite and agreeable may not be the best strategy when it comes to obtaining the competition you need for car crash injuries. The claims process can be frustrating and adversarial. Insurance companies know that people fear conflict and confrontation. So they will commonly make a relatively low offer up front, delivered in a friendly tone, to try to wash their hands of your case.

Catastrophic injuries demand compensation after a car wreck

The stress of being involved in a car accident is something that can dramatically change your life. When you are going through this type of situation, you have to think about what you need. One of these is likely going to be getting medical care. This is going to depend on what type of injuries you suffered, so you should ensure that you let the doctor who treats you know that you were in a crash.

Help your kids thrive when divorce is changing their lives

Children just trying to make it through their parents' divorces have to focus on adjusting to their new ways of life. This is challenging even in the best of circumstances. It is imperative that both parents take time to ensure the kids have what they need to thrive despite the major changes taking place.

Day care workers need special safety protocol

Workers who deal with children all day long have some serious risks to consider. Not only are they at risk of suffering an injury, but there is also the chance that they will become ill because of the abundance of bodily fluid contact that is common in day cares. The employers of these individuals are responsible for making sure that these risks are all minimized, and that appropriate safety protocol is in place.

Common causes of highway accidents

Motor vehicle accidents on the highway can be especially disastrous. Whether it involves passenger cars, motorcycles or tractor-trailers, these crashes too often end in fatality. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 37,000 people died in U.S. auto accidents in 2017.

Do you understand the intersection of divorce and bankruptcy?

One of the primary reasons for a marriage to end is the couple's financial struggles. These pose a serious problem because there is a chance that the difficulties with the money might lead to the need to file for bankruptcy. When both of these legal matters need to happen, the question becomes how to best handle them. Simultaneously pending divorces and bankruptcies present unique legal challenges for the litigants.

Vacation plans for the summer should be made now

Now that the warmer weather is here, you might be ready to start to make plans for the summer months. If you aren't together with your child's other parent, you need to think carefully about what plans you make for vacations and trips. You might have specific steps to take if you want to leave the state of New Jersey or even the immediate area. These steps should ideally be outlined in the child custody order.

Developer working to appease neighbors in Jersey City zoning case

A developer could be headed back to the drawing board after residents of The Heights community in Jersey City balked at plans for a high-rise apartment building to be constructed on a site currently occupied by an aging two-story warehouse.

Top causes of janitor/custodian injuries

As a janitor or custodian, your work is important and worthy of respect. Without janitors who clean and maintain buildings, businesses could not thrive. But you do not simply deserve appreciation and proper wages for your hard work. You also need proper compensation if you become hurt or sick because of your job.

Common back surgery complications

When you agree to get back surgery, it is likely that other treatments–such as physical therapy and medications–are failing. While there is no guarantee that back surgery is going to completely resolve the issue, it is one option that you and your doctor may decide to try. 

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