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Can I sue if I was partially responsible for a crash?

Any time you suffer an injury, you probably have mixed feelings. Guilt, frustration, anger, fear and pain: You would be justified in any or all these reactions. However, after this initial swell of emotions passes, you may wonder who was really at fault.

New Jersey laws and dog bites

Owning a dog takes a lot of responsibility. Aside from the day-to-day requirements, such as feeding, walking and watering, other weighty duties come along with ownership. Taking your dog to the veterinarian adds up over the years. Making sure your dog is not a danger to others is also integral.

Decision making powers are important for child custody cases

Child custody matters have to be handled carefully when you are going through a divorce. Every decision you make has a direct impact on your children and how they are reared. When you are working out the terms of the agreement, resist the temptation to think too far into the future. Instead, set the terms based on what your children need now and in the immediate future. We can help you to figure out what options you have so that you can decide what is best for the kids.

Should you consider a personal injury settlement?

Personal injury lawsuits are handled in civil court, but not all of them go before a judge or jury. Some plaintiffs and defendants choose to work together to negotiate settlements that are mutually agreeable. There are many points that you need to think about if you are considering a settlement to resolve your claim.

Child custody orders should include transition time guidelines

Children whose parents are divorcing have a rough time ahead of them. Not only are they worried about what is going to happen, but they also have to learn to live between two homes. This can be very difficult for them, especially when the homes have very different rules. You and your ex might be able to help quell the challenges here by adopting some of the same behavior guidelines.

Difficult exes can make divorce more challenging

The end of your marriage produces a variety of challenges. You have to be ready to address each one so that you can start to heal and move forward with your life. When it is time to file for divorce, you have to remember that this is what's in your best interests. Unfortunately, if your ex is a narcissist, they might try to flip the blame onto you instead of accepting their portion of the responsibility.

Work-related accidents can lead to workers' compensation claims

Workers who are injured on the job have specific rights that they should understand before they ever face an injury. Knowing that you have the right to workers' compensation if you are involved in a work-related accident or have a cumulative trauma injury that is attributed to the duties of your job is of the most important things for you to realize. This is because in addition to possible cash benefits, the workers' compensation program covers your medical bills from the work injury.

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