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October 2018 Archives

Key financial tips when facing divorce

Divorce substantially changes your financial picture. You still retain many of the same bills, such as utilities, car payments and mortgage payments, but your income tends to drop significantly if you and your spouse were both working during the marriage.

Can you reduce the odds of getting hit by a drunk driver?

Getting into an accident with a drunk driver is so frightening because it feels like one of those things that can happen to anyone. You can't predict it. You can't know who was drinking. No matter how good of a driver you are, that other driver could still put you in the hospital.

Follow these 4 steps after a dog attack

Dog attacks are not uncommon. Over 4.7 million dog attacks occur in the United States each year. Around 20 of these attacks are fatal. A dog attack can be a traumatic experience for anyone. If you are the victim of a dog attack, it is important to take the following actions immediately after the attack:

New tax changes going into effect soon for alimony determination

Couples who are looking to divorce soon and know alimony will be part of their agreement may have certain expectations about how these payments will be treated come tax time. However, because of last year’s tax law, alimony payments are about to be affected.

What do I do if a dog bites me?

The holidays are great for spending time with family and friends, with many visits to other people’s homes. As you are enjoying these celebrations, you may encounter someone’s dog and be excited about giving them pets and kisses.

4 jarring facts about DUI accidents

If you have not yet been in a drunk driving accident, count yourself lucky. Even if you never drive under the influence yourself, you face some very high risks in the United States, where DUI crashes are all too common. To better understand the risks, here are four facts you must know:

Hidden perils of property owner associations

In Wayne, New Jersey, hundreds of fellow condo owners may have to fund several million dollars to repair construction defects in two end units. In Nevada, a homeowner’s association was hit with a $20 million jury verdict for a disabling injury on a common area playground.

4 things not to tell your kids during divorce

You have probably heard that honesty is important during a divorce when talking to your kids, and it is. You do not want to lie to your children or mislead them. However, that does not mean you want to tell them everything. This process is hard enough on them already.

Car accident takes 3 lives and injures 2 more

A devastating accident involved a car with New Jersey plates and another car with Delaware plates. All told, the accident took three lives and put two other people in the hospital with significant injuries. Two young children were riding in one of the vehicles, but they were miraculously unharmed in the crash.

What are the 'fatal four?'

If you start looking into workplace accidents, it does not take long before you start hearing about the 'fatal four.' Maybe friends told you to stay safe when you got your new job. Maybe your coworkers warned you about the fatal four and told you to practice caution whenever possible. That's great advice but what exactly are the fatal four?

PTSD and driving phobias after an accident

A car accident can have a massive impact on the rest of your life, even if your physical injuries heal. Many people develop emotional issues and mental disorders after a serious crash, as they may never have been through another event that was so stressful and traumatic.

Even a signed prenuptial agreement can be invalid

If you and your significant other are thinking about drafting a prenuptial agreement, you know that you both need to sign it before the wedding for it to be valid. While that is true, it is also important to remember that even a signed prenup can end up being invalid in court.

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