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September 2018 Archives

Questions to ask when inspecting a new home

You put in an offer on a new house. Fortunately, you understood what legal options you had, and you made your offer contingent on the inspection. If the house does not pass, you do not have to go through with the purchase. The contract gives you an easy out.

How can you make shared custody easier?

Joint custody carries an inherent level of difficulty. You don't get your kids to yourself. You must share them with your ex. This means you have to keep working with someone who was part of one of the most difficult times in your life. This may be someone you can hardly get along with anymore.

Basement fires raise special concerns for firefighters

There are a wide range of hazardous situations firefighters face when responding to fires. Some types of fires can raise even greater safety challenges than usual for such workers. As a recent report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health notes, basement fires can carry particularly high risks for first responders.

A guide to financial abuse in nursing homes

When one thinks of abuse, financial abuse is probably not at the top of the mind. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse are frequently cited as the main forms of abuse. To be clear, these forms of abuse do happen, even in nursing homes, but financial abuse is more common than you may know.

Millennials and home affordability

Owning a home is a goal of many here in the United States, including many millennials. However, there are many challenges that young prospective homebuyers can encounter when trying to achieve this goal.

Doctors call for ban on infant walkers

Childhood is filled with memories, both good and bad. Most of the time, people can look back and chuckle at some of the mishaps that occurred during the clumsy growing years. Loving parents want the best for their child, while equally encouraging fun. It can be difficult to imagine that a popular household toy could cause major damage, or put lives at risk.

NHL concussion lawsuit goes to mediation

Hockey’s preseason is already underway, with the Devils taking on the Rangers on Monday. The NHL is in the news in other ways too though. An ongoing lawsuit of more than 100 former players has accused the league of insufficient efforts to prevent concussions during their tenure. The latest development was a judge’s order that the two sides attempt mediation.

Some car accident injuries appear later on

Any person involved in a motor vehicle collision in New Jersey needs to seek immediate medical attention to check for potential injuries. While it’s critical to do this preliminary health check, it’s also important to follow-up in the following days, weeks and even months to continue to watch for late-onset injuries.

What to do after your child suffers a concussion

More than 800,000 U.S. children are treated for concussions and other traumatic brain injuries each year. The adults – doctors, coaches, teachers and parents – do not always know the appropriate protocols to identify concussions and help kids recover.

Nerves may restore function to complete spinal cord injuries

When a complete spinal cord injury occurs, a person loses all feeling, and the ability to move, below the injury. This happens because the brain and the body have lost the ability to communicate, due to the disruption in the communication path caused by the injury. These injuries are viewed generally as irreparable. However, a new study may provide hope for people suffering from a complete spinal cord injury.

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