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June 2018 Archives

Carbon monoxide detectors defective

Carbon monoxide poisoning is silent, odorless, and potentially deadly. There was a major event of this kind sickening a dozen people just last year in Flanders. A carbon monoxide detector is a valuable precaution in every home to warn you of this dangerous problem.

When an alcohol server is liable

The state of New Jersey has been doing everything it can to stop drinking and driving. But one of the most effective tools that it has is probably the oldest one of all, what is often called a "dram shop law." This centuries-old law holds a bar is liable for the damages caused by anyone that is served alcohol after they are visibly intoxicated.

Swimming pools are dangerous

There's nothing like a quick dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Roxbury and Succasunna are blessed with a lot of pools, both public and private, along with the many lakes in the region.

Take care driving over the summer

Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying the long, lazy days. Sadly, it's also the deadliest time on the roads. The 101 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day see more accidents than any other time of the year.

Back pain leads to a medical malpractice suit

Millions of Americans suffer from some level of back pain in New Jersey. Some of these cases are caused by scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Scoliosis can be mild or severe and, in some cases, surgery may be suggested as a possible remedy. Such is the situation in a current medical malpractice suit.

Parking lot accidents

Parking lots may seem like the last place that you would suffer a serious injury in an accident. Most of the time, people are driving relatively slowly and the accidents are minor. But the sheer number of crashes in parking lots is staggering, and the number of injuries that result is high.

A possible wrongful death case in a fall at a nursing home

Residents of nursing homes in New Jersey are typically elderly and may be confused or suffer from depression. These feelings may be tied to their surroundings and may inspire desires for escape. Such may have been the case in a recent death at a nursing home that may result in a wrongful death claim.

Can a nurse's mistake result in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

According to a 2017 Gallop Poll, the general public ranks nursing as the number one most ethical profession. We trust the years of medical training they undergo and respect them for the hard work and long hours many of them put into their careers. When mistakes are made causing a medical problem, patients often consider every other possibility before blaming their nurse.

Motor vehicle accidents can damage summer businesses

Summer time is a time to slow down, enjoy life and maybe eat a hot dog or two. It is also a time that New Jersey drivers should slow down, be aware of their surroundings and be prepared to react to changing situations in order to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Speed and failure to react may have contributed to an accident that damaged a hot dog stand and seriously injured the owner of the hot dog stand.

Alcohol no longer the #1 cause of fatal DUI crashes

The problems caused on our roads by drunk drivers have been well-documented for decades. According to a 2015 report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), someone is killed in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident on an American road or freeway every 50 minutes. Last year, 29 pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers or passengers were killed every day in a road accident caused by a drunk driver. But a new study reported by Reuters reveals that for the first time since tracking began, fatal DUI accidents are more likely to be caused by drivers who are high on prescription drugs or illegal narcotics, rather than alcohol. The study looked as far back as 2015 and determined that marijuana use was involved in more than one-third of all fatal accidents.

Are smart phone mapping applications safe?

On today's roads in New Jersey and New York, most drivers use some form of GPS map application to get around. Whether it is an old-style dashboard TomTom GPS mapping system or the most recent version of Google Maps, it is difficult to image how we ever got where we were going until just a few years ago. There is no question that the voice applications help keep our eyes on the road, rather than looking down at our laps or passenger seats to follow written instructions or, worse, a city map of streets and highways. But are these streaming apps just as distracting as using a cell phone to text or talk while driving? According to some recent research, they may be.

High speed police chases can result in a wrongful death

Police officers take an oath to uphold the law. Often in the pursuit of their jobs, they will be involved in high speed pursuits of suspects trying to evade the law. High speed chases may result in car crashes involving vehicles not being pursued by the police. A young woman died as the result of a recent high speed chase in New Jersey. A civil suit for wrongful death is being brought by the young woman's family.

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