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May 2018 Archives

Checking in on your parent at their care facility

Whether it was a long-planned process or something forced upon you due to a sudden health crisis, it's never an easy choice to put your parent in a nursing home. You did your research by checking ratings and reviews, and once you felt comfortable in your selection, you turned over daily care of your parent to the facility.

Memorial Day adventures can lead to motor vehicle accidents

The Memorial Day holiday is the traditional start of summer in New Jersey and around the country. Families head out on the road to go to the beach, to visit loved ones and engage in other summer past times. No one setting out on a holiday weekend adventure expects to be involved in a car accident. Yet Memorial Day also sees an increase in motor vehicle accidents.

What is a 'wrongful death'?

Sometimes an untimely death is deemed no one's fault - a fluke accident. Sometimes the signs point to the victim's own careless or reckless choices.

Bullying leads to a wrongful death suit

Bullying has become a very serious issue in our society, and it is perhaps nowhere more serious than in our schools. There have been bullies in New Jersey as long as there have been children. However, the advent of the digital era and social media have made it inescapable for its victims. In days past bullies could be physically avoided and left behind at the end of the school day, but now they are ever present not only to the victim but also to the victim's peers via social media. One such situation resulted in a wrongful death suit.

When can workers sue for personal injury?

The workers' compensation system takes the place of civil lawsuits against employers. In exchange for free medical care and replacement of lost wages, workers cannot sue the company they work for if they are injured on the job.

Are American roads unnecessarily dangerous?

The Road to Zero Coalition is a group of organizations committed to idea that car accident fatalities should be no more common or acceptable than commercial airline fatalities. If car crashes were as rare as airline crashes, tens of thousands of lives would be saved every year.

New awareness campaign tackles distracted driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is wrapping up Distracted Driving Awareness Month with a campaign designed to draw attention to the problem. Distracted driving is on the rise and is widely blamed for the increase in fatal car accidents over recent years. The NHTSA estimates that at least 3,450 car accident deaths involved distracted drivers in 2016. Smartphones are the obvious culprit, as use of the devices has gone from nonexistent to universal over the past 25 years. 

When fear of motor vehicle accidents becomes a reality

As carefully as people may maintain their cars in New Jersey, unforeseen events can still occur. Such an event, such as a flat tire, can prove to be very dangerous and be the cause of motor vehicle accidents. This is particularly true if a flat tire happens on the highway. Such was the case in a recent accident on Route 280 near the New Jersey Turnpike.

Trip to the grocery store ends in a slip-and-fall accident

Everyone has been in the grocery store in New Jersey and heard some variation of "cleanup on aisle 6." If a person happens to be in aisle 6 he or she might see a broken jar, a spilled bottle of juice or any number of other spills or mishaps that may have occurred. What if a slip-and-fall accident occurs due to the mishap? Who bears the blame?

The risk of motor vehicle accidents is always present

People know that they take a risk every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle in New Jersey. People know the risk is there but believe the chance of actually being involved in an accident is fairly slim.  When one is stopped at a red light, being involved in motor vehicle accidents that are caused by being hit from behind is not likely to be at the front of a person's mind. Such an accident occurred on Monday and sadly the outcome was tragic.

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