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What to do after a serious motorcycle accident injury

Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on roadways. When a motorcycle accident involves another vehicle, it is most often a result of the other driver failing to see the motorcyclist. According to statistics from New Jersey's Department of Law & Public Safety, half of all motorcycle accidents occur at intersections. 

There are various steps drivers need to take following an accident, such as getting the other driver's insurance information and taking pictures of the scene. However, in the event the motorcycle accident results in a significant injury, then the rider may not be capable of taking such actions. If you find yourself in such a situation, here are the things you should still do following an accident. 

Contact the police and an ambulance

Following a motorcycle accident of any severity, you should always call 911 to have the police create an official report. This will help immensely with your insurance claim and with the potential civil trial. You also want an ambulance come out to take you to the hospital. Keep records of all documents you receive, and make sure to follow the doctor's directions precisely. 

Get in touch with your insurance company after the fact

Make sure you address any injuries first. Afterward, you will want to contact your insurance agency to inform them of the incident. You may also receive a phone call from the other driver's insurance representative. You do not have to say anything to this person. You can simply state that you wish to speak to your attorney first before providing a statement. Insurance agencies will try to get you to say something to potentially deny your claim, so it is best to avoid the risk. 

Do not accept any compensation

While you are still at the scene, it is important to remember not to take any compensation from the other driver. This may happen, especially if it was clearly the other driver's fault. The reason is that accepting money directly could jeopardize your claim later. Immediately after the accident, you do not know what the extent of your injuries is. Avoid taking cash, and wait until your respective insurance agencies deal with the situation. 

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