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5 distractions that cause serious car accidents

Distractions while driving are deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 391,000 people suffered injuries in car accidents involving driver distractions. Many people multitask thinking they are not endangering themselves or others. Drivers who partake in this unsafe behavior can cause you to get into an accident and sustain serious injuries.

So, how are so many drivers distracted? Here are some of the top culprits that can lead to severe car crashes.

1. Eating and drinking

Some drivers choose to eat or drink while in the car, especially if they are in a hurry. Instead of eating when they safely park, they may dig into a meal on the highway. If ingredients slip out their hamburgers or their piping hot cups of coffee spill, accidents can easily occur. 

2. Grooming

Certain motorists groom themselves behind the wheel. Trimming with an electric shaver or putting on makeup can be deadly activities. Drivers should complete their morning routines at home so they do not put others like you at risk. 

3. Listening to music

When drivers wear headphones or turn their radios all the way up, it takes their focus away from the task at hand. Audio distractions can reduce the ability of drivers to hear emergency vehicles, car horns or other noises. 

4. Rubbernecking

How many times have you been stuck in traffic only to realize it is because people in front of you were slowing down to look at an accident? This behavior can result in a whole other collision. 

5. Phone use

Of course, drivers who use their phones are putting everyone around them in danger of getting into a car accident. Texting, using apps and talking on the phone are some of the most dangerous driving habits. 

Now you know about some of the most common causes of driver distractions. If you get into an accident because someone was driving while distracted, make sure you fight for compensation.

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