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Springtime driving dangers

Warmer weather means more motorists on the roads in Succasunna. More drivers mean an increase in motor vehicle accidents and injuries. Anyone who plans to take advantage of the warmer temperatures should make themselves aware of the springtime driving dangers they face.

Slick and foggy road conditions

Spring weather brings melting snow and an increase in rain showers and fog. Melting snow often covers up black ice. Caution is necessary when driving over pools of water and melting snow because tires have less contact with the roads when they are wet. Rain mixing with car fluids on the roads can lead to slick conditions and increase the chances of hydroplaning, causing motorists to lose control of their vehicles. Drivers should pay closer attention to the roads when they are wet and slick to avoid spinout accidents. The weather can also create foggy conditions that decrease visibility on the streets.

Extra caution should be exercised when the roads are wet or there is reduced visibility to avoid hitting other vehicles and causing accidents involving multiple cars. Drivers should increase their stopping distances to avoid hitting the vehicles in front of them.


Many animals are more active in the spring. Many creatures travel near the roads to search for food and new dwellings. Others are roaming about and may be attracted to traffic activity and car lights. Animals can cause severe damage to cars that crash into them. Wildlife activity near the roads tends to increase during the evening and nighttime hours. Motorists should drive slowly and cautiously in areas where animal sightings are frequent.

Poor road conditions

After the winter, many streets are in poor condition. The snow, ice, snowplows and other snow removal methods have all taken their toll on the roads, leaving them in bad condition for many motorists to travel upon safely. There is also an increase in road construction projects during the spring to repair many of these problems, which can lead to detours, road obstructions, traffic congestion and more car accidents. Potholes, buckling and crumbling roads and flooding are common road issues that tend to prevail in the spring.

Drivers who plan to spend more time on the roads this season should plan their trips carefully and drive defensively. They should use alternate routes to avoid areas that pose serious risks to their safety. They should also carefully monitor their situations to reduce their chances of accidents. Anyone who is dealing with the consequences of a car accident and in need of assistance should speak to an attorney for guidance.

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