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February 2017 Archives

Medical malpractice lawsuit filed against troubled facility

Most families want to ensure that their loved ones receive appropriate care when they become unable to care for themselves. As a result, some choose to seek the assistance of a nursing home. While they do so trusting that the facility will provide adequate care, many people in New Jersey and across the country find that their loved ones have fallen victim to abuse and neglect. A recent medical malpractice lawsuit filed in another state illustrates the issues that some patients face.

Man arrested in New Jersey in potential wrongful death case

The dangers of driving under the influence are well-documented. Multiple public service messages focus on educating the general public. Even many alcohol companies urges customers to drink responsibly. Despite these efforts, drivers in New Jersey and across the country continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol, sometimes resulting in the loss of lives. Family members of those who have lost their lives in an accident caused by a drunk driver have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Medical malpractice claim could follow allegations of abuse

Many jobs in New Jersey come with stress, especially those that require workers to provide care for people who rely on them to meet their most basic needs but are unable to communicate their wishes. Regardless of the amount of stress a person feels, abuse is never an appropriate option. Unfortunately, an arrest was recently made after an out-of-state nursing home worker was accused of abusing a resident; a medical malpractice lawsuit could potentially follow.

Motor vehicle accidents: New Jersey school bus driver cited

While all drivers are expected to remain vigilant and avoid distractions, drivers of school buses are often held to an even higher standard by society. Motor vehicle accidents involving school buses can cause serious harm both to the children riding the bus and others involved. Fortunately, only one person was injured in a recent crash involving a bus in New Jersey.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 drivers injured in New Jersey

There are just a few inches that separate large pieces of machinery moving at fast rates of speed. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey have been caused by drivers who drift across those few inches.  For example, two drivers were recently sent to the hospital after such an incident.

Wrongful death lawsuit could follow fall at nursing home

Families in New Jersey expect that nursing home facilities will provide appropriate care of their loved ones. However, appropriate care does not simply encompass providing treatment, medication and food, but it also involves taking measures to prevent falls. Unfortunately, one out-of-state facility has recently received a citation for neglect in a case that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death claim.

4 tips for driving safely in the rain

Driving in the rain gets some motorists on edge while others find it to be no big deal. The fact is, rain causes more fatal car crashes than any other weather hazard. While you do not necessarily have to avoid driving in the rain altogether, there are certain tips and techniques you should keep in mind the next time you drive in wet conditions.

Lawsuit accuses nursing home of wrongful death

It seems that as the population of the United States ages, more and more people in New Jersey and across the country may be left making difficult decisions about family members who are no longer able to independently care for themselves. For some, this may mean placing a family member in a nursing home facility. Unfortunately, if appropriate care is not provided, a resident's condition can deteriorate, sometimes even resulting in death. One out-of-state woman claims that negligence on the behalf of nursing home staff resulted in a wrongful death.

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