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June 2016 Archives

Numerous car accidents are caused by novice teenage drivers

Every day, teenagers across New Jersey get their driver's licenses. Even though experienced drivers make mistakes behind the wheel, the fact that teenagers are novice drivers also results in numerous car accidents. Some of those accidents result in fatalities.

Motorcycle vs. car accidents can be deadly for riders

Pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists are often considered to be the most vulnerable on the roadways. They do not enjoy the same protections as those in passenger cars and larger vehicles in car accidents, which means their injuries will most likely be more serious and could even be fatal. New Jersey drivers always need to be vigilant on the roadways, but they might need to take extra care when around motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Some car accidents do not involve other vehicles

When many New Jersey residents hear about a car wreck, they often assume that it took place on a roadway or possibly even in a parking lot. What many people do not expect is to hear that a vehicle crashed into a building or some other inanimate structure. The fact is, many car accidents defy logic and leave people seriously or fatally injured.

Late night car accidents in New Jersey may end in tragedy

Driving late at night may increase the possibility of being involved in an accident. If the road is narrow and unlit, it may be difficult to negotiate turns. If high speed is involved, car accidents may turn deadly. In New Jersey, a recent collision ended in a fatality and left police and loved ones with unanswered questions.

Will family file wrongful death claim in death of 5th grader?

Many residents here in New Jersey live in apartment complexes. Parking lots are often filled with children playing, and most people who live in these complexes know to watch for children. Reportedly, someone who was parked in the lot of one complex failed to pay attention and struck a 5th grader. His family might exercise their right to file a wrongful death claim against the woman believed to be responsible for his death.

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