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April 2016 Archives

Did a driver's negligence cause an entire community to mourn?

When a prominent figure in a community dies, the whole community often rallies in order to mourn that person's loss. If that person died as a result of someone's negligence, the loss can seem more tragic since the victim died before his or her time. A New Jersey community is currently facing this kind of loss after losing its school superintendent in a tragic accident.

Truck accidents can take an inordinate amount of time to clear

In the aftermath of nearly every accident here in New Jersey or elsewhere, there is at least some investigation and/or cleanup that has to occur before traffic can resume its normal flow. Truck accidents can take an inordinate amount of time to clear due to the size of the vehicles involved. The facts that the injuries are often more severe, a lot of debris can be present and the trucks could be jack-knifed or turned over increases the amount of time it takes to get the area back to normal.

Off-duty police officers run from car accidents, too

When it comes to obeying traffic laws and driving, law enforcement officials are often held to a higher standard since they are the ones who are responsible for enforcing the laws while on duty. Despite the expectations of New Jersey residents, whether they are on duty or off duty, they are just as likely to get into car accidents as anyone else. What is not expected, however, is that an officer would flee the scene of an accident -- especially when someone is injured.

Some pedestrian vs. car accidents are premeditated

Depending on a person's temperament, what might begin as a simple argument can become violent. Not many New Jersey residents would consider using a car as their weapon of choice during an altercation, but the fact remains that some pedestrian vs. car accidents are premeditated. One family is questioning why a woman got into her car and ran over their loved one in response to a fight between the driver and the victim.

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