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The cause of some car accidents is not always readily available

In the first hours after a crash, police here in New Jersey and around the country attempt to ascertain its cause. Sometimes, the causes of car accidents are not that easily discernible. Even if officers at the scene have a theory, they may not yet have the evidence or witness statements to back it up, so they refrain from espousing any theories until they know more.

It can take hours to free occupants in serious car accidents

In the aftermath of a car accident, it is a natural impulse for many New Jersey residents to want to get out of the vehicle. However, in some car accidents, occupants become trapped in the wreckage, and it could take hours for emergency personnel to free them. During that time, the medical condition of the trapped victim can continue to deteriorate.

Police can not always prevent alcohol-related car accidents

Law enforcement officers patrol the roadways of New Jersey in an attempt to catch drunk drivers before they hurt anyone, including themselves. Unfortunately, police are not always able to prevent alcohol-related car accidents despite their valiant efforts. As a result, a significant number of innocent people are serious or fatally injured each year.

Deadly car accidents are sometimes traced to a single event

An unlikely sequence of events can unexpectedly become a catastrophe on New Jersey roadways. Numerous deadly car accidents each year can be traced to a single, seemingly innocuous event. That initial incident could be something as simple as a motorist pulling off the roadway.

Charges in some car accidents could take years to be filed

Some families have to wait years before criminal proceedings are initiated against the person or persons believed to have caused the death of a loved one. There are numerous reasons why charges may be delayed in car accidents. For one New Jersey family, it took almost four years to the day for charges to be filed against the man who authorities believe is responsible for their family member's death. The 29-year-old man now faces charges of homicide by vehicle and two counts of vehicular assault.

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