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July 2015 Archives

New Jersey's truck accidents: Girl, 3, killed in tragic crash

When most New Jersey residents hear about an accident involving a truck, they think of 18-wheelers. However, not all of the truck accidents that happen in our state involve a big rig. Other commercial trucks, such as delivery vehicles and mail trucks, also get into accidents.

Car accidents at highway speeds can end in fiery wreckage

Despite the condition of the wreckage after an accident, it is possible for the vehicle occupants to be rescued and survive. However, in car accidents that end with one or more vehicles bursting into flames, the odds of survival drop dramatically. This was the case in a recent crash on Route 80 here in New Jersey in which one of the three vehicles involved caught fire.

Pedestrians end up as collateral damage in bus accidents

Accidents on the streets of New Jersey cities do not always involve only the vehicles that crashed. In some cases, other vehicles and pedestrians can become collateral damage in car, truck or bus accidents. Three people were recently injured in an accident between a bus and a car. One of them was a pedestrian who happened to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Many multiple car accidents are caused by one driver's error

On a New Jersey street crowded with cars, a balance exists that keeps the vehicles from crashing into one another. If one driver makes a mistake, that balance can be disrupted. Many multiple car accidents occur when just one driver makes a mistake.

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