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April 2015 Archives

New Jersey family lost a loved one in high-speed crash

Driving at a high-rate of speed can be dangerous for a well traveled driver -- let alone for a teenager who does not have adequate experience at driving. Teenagers tend to believe they are invincible, and this can contribute to recklessness behind the wheel. This deadly combination of inexperience and speed is being blamed in an accident in which a New Jersey family lost a loved one.

Drunken overconfidence can lead to car accidents

For some people, an inflated sense of confidence and invincibility seems to be a side effect of consuming alcohol. When combined with driving, this drunken overconfidence could easily lead to serious car accidents. New Jersey State Police believe this may have been the case in a recent crash on Route 80 East.

Businesses that serve alcohol can be held liable in car accidents

Without a doubt, drunk driving accidents are preventable. However, even though drinking and driving is considered to be a choice, establishments that continue to serve alcohol to customers who appear "visibly intoxicated" might bear some of the responsibility under New Jersey's dram shop liability laws if patrons are involved in car accidents. For example, a Jersey Shore bar recently pleaded no contest regarding a state enforcement action and will have to pay $500,000 in fines and suffer a 30-day suspension for serving alcoholic beverages to a patron who left the bar and was involved in a collision. Separately, the bar could face claims for financial liability in any civil action that may be filed as a result of that accident.

Objects falling off vehicles can lead to car accidents

Most New Jersey residents understand that it is crucial to remain vigilant while driving the state's highways. The majority of accidents on highways are due to driver error. However, some car accidents are caused by something completely unexpected such as an object falling off a truck or vehicle. Even skilled drivers may not be able to avoid these potentially lethal projectiles.

Freak car accidents: SUV crashes into Wendy's, injures customers

Standing in line at a fast food restaurant does not sound like an activity that could be dangerously life-threatening. However, it turned out to be just that on Feb. 19 for an 89-year-old customer in a Wendy's restaurant in Bayonne. As he was standing in line, the elderly man was hit by a BMW SUV that crashed into the store and batted the man through the air into a back wall before mangling him under its tires after he fell to the ground. Car accidents in New Jersey are rarely as bizarre and spectacular as the one that transpired in the Bayonne Wendy's that day.

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