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Can a brain injury show up long after a crash?

A concussion is one of the most common injuries affecting people who get hurt in a car crash. While many experience the signs and symptoms of a concussion immediately, others may not see the effects of a traumatic brain injury for quite some time following the crash.

Because traumatic brain injuries can have a delayed onset, it is of the highest importance that you see a medical professional if involved a car crash, even if you think you did not suffer any injuries at all. Sometimes, a particular symptom or group of symptoms may seem harmless or insignificant. Yet if these symptoms show up after the crash, they may be telltale signs of a traumatic brain injury that needs immediate attention.

Does your phone trigger an addictive chemical response?

A driver hears their phone chime while they're driving home from work. Despite the danger, despite the risks, the driver automatically reaches over, picks up the phone and checks the message.

Why does it happen? Why do people respond like that without thinking, even when they can cause car accidents with very serious ramifications? Are they seriously that addicted to their phones?

Divorce rates soaring for those who are 50 and older

Do you generally assume that divorce happens fairly early on in a marriage? When you think of a couple getting divorced, do you think of people in their 30s or 40s, trying to split up time with their children?

This absolutely happens, but do not assume that couples are definitely going to stay together if they're older than that demographic group. Statistics actually show that the divorce rate has been soaring lately for those who are 50-years-old and older.

Don't buy a money pit: These tips can help

Whether you're buying a commercial property or a new home, you absolutely want to avoid a money pit: a building that just seems to keep absorbing all the money you can throw at it for repairs and upgrades. A property like this quickly ruins your investment and may actually prove too expensive to own. At the same time, it's very hard to resell it and move on.

So, how can you avoid it? Use these tips to help:

  • Check for structural issues. These can be incredibly expensive to fix, and you can't ignore them, as the building may be unsafe and not up to code until those repairs get made.
  • Take a closer look at the basement. It may not be the most important room in the house to you, but it can often tell you the most about water damage, structural problems or issues with plumbing, electrical lines or HVAC systems.
  • Remember that foundation cracks or holes are some of the most expensive fixes. In some cases, workers will even put the entire house on supports and re-pour the foundation, but it comes at a terrific cost.
  • Tour the home on a day with bad weather. It may appear fine if you walk through it on a sunny day in the summer, but touring it on a rainy day may highlight leaks in the ceiling or touring it during the winter may make issues with drafts and HVAC systems all the more obvious.

4 things nurses can do to prevent workplace injuries

In New Jersey, qualified nurses are in demand. That puts additional burdens on nursing personnel, sometimes at the expense of personal safety.

Even under ideal conditions, nurses have one of the highest rates of workplace injury and illness. You know this stuff, but revisiting basic safety protocols may spare you from a disabling injury or work-acquired infection.

Working at heights: Scaffolding safety tips

In situations when ladders simply seem inadequate for the job, workers will often use scaffolding instead. It provides them with a sturdy, raised working area where they can walk around with ease. Constructing it takes far longer than putting up a ladder, but working on top of it is much faster and, when done correctly, safer.

That said, any time people work at heights, there are risks. These tips can help make working on a scaffolding much safer:

  • Never exceed the load capacity. Understand what the system was designed to hold. You'll get to that total much faster than you think with workers, parts and materials, tools and everything else needed for the job.
  • Inspect the scaffolding prior to use, every single time. Never take for granted that it is structurally sound. Performing these consistent safety checks helps to expose issues prior to a fall.
  • Connect the scaffolding to the structure. It is more stable than a ladder with its wider stance, but do not be overconfident in this stability. Secure the various levels so that they cannot move.
  • Use guardrails. Even if the scaffolding itself does not collapse, workers can fall off and suffer serious injuries if they do not have guardrails and other protective gear.
  • Utilize training. Employers should never assume that workers know how to use the scaffolding without any training.

Your first car accident: Important tips

That first car accident always takes you by surprise, even if you've read the statistics and you know just how common accidents are. It can leave you reeling and panicked. You're not sure what to do. It feels like you're suddenly in over your head and you cannot believe it happened to you.

Remember, this happens to almost everyone at some point. Just stay calm. Think rationally. Remember that you are not alone and you can get through this. It's not the end of the world, even though it feels like it. It will be okay.

Steps to take after your spouse tells you they want a divorce

You knew your marriage wasn't perfect, but you never thought it was so bad that your spouse would want to end it. However, that's exactly what happened. Your spouse sat you down and told you that they wanted to get divorced.

What now? It's not something you saw coming. It's not something you planned for. How are you supposed to move forward? To help you, here are a few key steps to take:

  • Remember that things will eventually feel okay again. Nothing is forever. It's hard to think past the present moment, but in five or 10 years this will just be something that happened to you a long time ago.
  • Get a support system. You may want to meet with a therapist. At the very least, you do want to talk to close friends and family members. You do not have to go through all of this alone.
  • Don't take things to social media. Do not stalk your spouse. Do not try to read their messages. Do not post about the divorce, especially when feeling angry.
  • Focus on the other parts of your life. Invest yourself in your friends or your hobbies. If you have kids, remember that they come first and spend time with them. Do not dwell on the divorce constantly, or the whole situation ends up feeling far more overwhelming than it really is.

Tips for avoiding car accidents at night

Nighttime driving is particularly dangerous, and anyone on the road needs to be extra careful. Three people suffered injuries Halloween night earlier this year in Bayonne after a car veered off the main road. 

This time of year when the days are shortest, night driving is an even greater danger on New Jersey roadways. Many people commute to work before the sun is up and/or back home from work after the sun has already set. Below are some basic steps basic precautions to prevent car accidents at night and in low-light conditions.

If divorce is emotionally difficult, know you're not alone

Your spouse asks for a divorce, and you feel like you need to put on a happy face and pretend it's not difficult for you. Instead, you try to focus on the future and you pretend you're all right with the decision.

The reality, though, is that you feel that loss keenly. Your marriage is over. Your future is not what you once thought it would be. That stage in your life is done.

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