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Doctors call for ban on infant walkers

Childhood is filled with memories, both good and bad. Most of the time, people can look back and chuckle at some of the mishaps that occurred during the clumsy growing years. Loving parents want the best for their child, while equally encouraging fun. It can be difficult to imagine that a popular household toy could cause major damage, or put lives at risk.

NHL concussion lawsuit goes to mediation

Hockey’s preseason is already underway, with the Devils taking on the Rangers on Monday. The NHL is in the news in other ways too though. An ongoing lawsuit of more than 100 former players has accused the league of insufficient efforts to prevent concussions during their tenure. The latest development was a judge’s order that the two sides attempt mediation.

A concussion is a brain bruise, caused either by a bump to the head or by shaking the brain when no physical contact was made. Concussions range from mild to severe, causing serious issues with headaches, concentration, nausea, balance and more.

Some car accident injuries appear later on

Any person involved in a motor vehicle collision in New Jersey needs to seek immediate medical attention to check for potential injuries. While it’s critical to do this preliminary health check, it’s also important to follow-up in the following days, weeks and even months to continue to watch for late-onset injuries.

Even with a thorough and effective medical examination immediately after a car accident, some signs of injury may take longer to present symptoms or impact a person’s health. One type of injury that may take time to fully appear is a traumatic brain injury.

What does it take to deter teens from risky driving behaviors?

“Reality education” takes youths on sobering visit to the morgue and ICU

Similar to “scared straight” programs that deter youths from a life of crime, can teen drivers benefit from harsh “reality education” to open their eyes about the dangers of risky driving habits?

The current generation of young drivers, who grew up with cellphones, don’t see the danger in texting while driving. But what if they got an up-close look at an actual crash victim in the hospital, or the dead body of someone who was killed in a car accident?

The difference between total disability and partial disability

Workers’ compensation pays benefits if you suffered a permanent injury on the job. However, there are two categories of permanent disability under New Jersey law.

It may be that your work-related injury prevents you from returning to your job or any job. Or you might be able to return to work while receiving ongoing benefits for a permanent impairment or disfigurement.

Will we soon see Bird scooters in New Jersey?

In major metros around the country, electric “e-scooters” are changing urban transportation. Why aren’t we seeing rentable Bird scooters in New Jersey?

E-scooters, along with e-bikes, are banned under current New Jersey law. All types of motorized scooters are illegal. Until the laws are changed, the revolution will not be crossing the Jersey border.

What to do after your child suffers a concussion

More than 800,000 U.S. children are treated for concussions and other traumatic brain injuries each year. The adults – doctors, coaches, teachers and parents – do not always know the appropriate protocols to identify concussions and help kids recover.

The Centers for Disease Control has released new guidelines for physicians for diagnosing and treating pediatric concussions. The recommendations are also useful to parents and others on monitoring the child and resumption of normal activities.

Rewind the tape on slipping and falling

In your mind, it's a quick in-and-out errand while driving home from work. You figure you'll swing in to the store quickly, grab what you need and be on your way.

Next thing you know, you're sprawled on floor, embarrassed and hurting. Your instinct is make your purchase and leave. Or abandon your errand altogether. If you could "rewind the tape," you might see the hazard that made you fall. A spill or leak. An electrical cord. Boxes or debris in the aisle.

Nerves may restore function to complete spinal cord injuries

When a complete spinal cord injury occurs, a person loses all feeling, and the ability to move, below the injury. This happens because the brain and the body have lost the ability to communicate, due to the disruption in the communication path caused by the injury. These injuries are viewed generally as irreparable. However, a new study may provide hope for people suffering from a complete spinal cord injury.

A group of researchers, including neurobiologists, focused their study on bridging the gap that occurs when the spinal cord suffers a complete injury. According to Scientific American, the researchers have now stimulated nerve cells to grow across the division created by a complete spinal cord injury.

Head trauma is the leading cause of motorcyclist fatalities

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable drivers on New Jersey's roads. With little exterior protection, a rider can sustain serious injuries even from a relatively low-speed collision.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most common, and dangerous, injuries that motorcyclists face. Through helmets and other habits, many brain injuries can be prevented.

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