How A Commercial Lease Can Help (Or Hurt) Your Business

Many businesses find that leasing a building or other property is a smart decision because it requires less money upfront than buying space. But that does not mean that leasing is necessarily simpler.

A commercial lease is a type of contract. There is nothing "set in stone" or standard about these agreements. Both sides are free to negotiate. Here are lease terms that typically are negotiated:

  • Length of the lease
  • Use (how the lessee is allowed to use the property)
  • Insurance
  • Exclusivity (not allowing a competitor to set up shop next door to you, for example)
  • Improvements to the property
  • Maintenance of the property

With all of these terms, it is absolutely crucial that the contract language properly states what you want it to say. At Nusbaum Stein in Succasunna, New Jersey, our attorneys have decades of experience negotiating lease agreements.

Lease Mistakes That Businesses Make

Commercial leases are a legal minefield for many business owners, especially those who are new to the process.

One simple example is using the wrong name on a lease — such as a partner's name instead of the business name. Having the wrong name on a lease can expose partners to devastating personal liability.

The attorneys at Nusbaum Stein will help you avoid costly errors.

Do You Have Questions About Commercial Leases?

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