Land Use And Zoning: We Have The Knowledge Needed To Get The "Green Light"

Zoning is a tool used by governments to control how land is used. If zoning did not exist, it would be possible for a manufacturing company to buy land and build a factory in a residential neighborhood. That's an extreme example, but it illustrates how zoning gives people confidence about how land will be used.

Typically there are three main categories for zoning: residential, commercial and industrial. Through the use of planning, local governments often use long-range planning and zoning to chart the future growth of a community.

The Specifics Of Zoning Regulations

Within the residential, commercial and industrial categories, zoning regulations typically address details such as:

  • Height, size and type of buildings
  • Distance of buildings from streets and other boundaries
  • Parking
  • Number of rooms in a building
  • Outbuildings
  • Historic and cultural preservation

Zoning can be controversial when regulations collide with how a property owner wants to use his or her land. When disputes occur, the courts examine whether the zoning regulations serve a reasonable public purpose and are consistent with other zoning.

Why Do You Need An Attorney?

Zoning regulations can be very complex, and decisions regarding exceptions to existing zoning can rest on the ability to make a compelling argument in front of a local planning committee, city council or county board.

That's where the land use and zoning attorneys at Nusbaum Stein can help you. Our lawyers have decades of experience working with government officials throughout Morris, Sussex, Warren and other counties.

Our knowledge of local history and the decision-makers involved can be the difference between a development project receiving the "green light" or not.

Do You Have Questions?

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