How Will Your Marital Property Be Divided?

If you are contemplating divorce, one of your biggest questions probably is, "How will our property be divided?"

In New Jersey (as in most states), the courts divide property in a way that is considered "fair and equitable." This means the assets may or may not be divided equally.

At Nusbaum Stein in Succasunna, New Jersey, our divorce lawyers have decades of experience with the issues surrounding division of marital property. We strive to protect the interests of our clients and achieve the best possible result.

What Are Marital Assets?

Under New Jersey law, marital property is the assets (and debts) that were acquired during the marriage. These can include:

  • Real estate
  • Mortgage debt
  • Bank accounts
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Businesses
  • Retirement accounts
  • Possessions such as cars, furniture and jewelry
  • Credit card debts

Separate property is not subject to division. This can include inherited assets and property acquired before the marriage.

Factors The Court Considers

Here are some of the factors the court might consider when making decisions on equitable distribution:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Income or property brought to the marriage by each spouse
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • The couple's standard of living
  • Other factors that the court believes are relevant

There's a lot of "gray area" involved when dividing marital assets. That's why it is so important to have an attorney on your side who knows the law and knows how the courts make these crucial decisions.

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Do You Have Questions About Marital Property?

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