How Is Alimony Determined In New Jersey?

The purpose of alimony (spousal support) is to address the financial unfairness that many divorces create. For example, one spouse might have dedicated much of her or his time to the care and upbringing of the children while the other worked, gained work experience and earned raises.

After the divorce, it's likely that the spouse who was home caring for the children would need time to seek and find suitable employment, money to pay his or her expenses while he or she seeks employment, and money to supplement his or her new income.

Factors That Judges Use

Under New Jersey law, judges can use a variety of factors to determine alimony, such as:

  • The recipient's need and the other person's ability to pay
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of the individuals involved
  • Physical and mental health of both parties
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Earning capabilities, educational levels, vocational skills and employability of the parties
  • Length of absence from the job market for the person seeking alimony
  • Parental responsibilities for the children
  • Time and expense required for the recipient to acquire education or training to find appropriate employment
  • The history of the financial and nonfinancial contributions by each party, including contributions to the care and education of the children and the interruption of personal careers or educational opportunities
  • Income that is available through investments and other assets

The court also can consider any other factors that it believes are relevant.

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